As an event organiser, ask yourself honestly...

Will attendance of your leading exhibiting companies' key V.I.P & business-critical guests add value to your event?
Are these business critical guests REALLY treated like V.I.P.s when they arrive at your event? 
Do you currently collect data on all business-critical guests invited by your exhibiting companies? 
Would more V.I.P guests attend your event if they were assured that they would be treated in a manner befitting their status in their industry?
Would your event like a true V.I.P ground handling service at NO cost to your event?
Priority Event Check-in Service is a ground handling service, expediting the entrance of the V.I.P. guests of your exhibiting companies into your event, whilst providing you the organiser with their data and an additional revenue source from us.

Priority Event Check-in Service is designed to provide organisers with:
A financial commission from the service.
A true V.I.P ground handling service for the invited V.I.P & business-critical guests of participating exhibiting companies.
Full contact data on all V.I.P’s processed through the service.
And encourages exhibiting companies NOT to get false exhibitor passes for their V.I.P guests to expedite their entry into the event.
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