What does Priority Event Check-in Service give an organiser?
A V.I.P ground handling service for the invited V.I.P & business-critical guests of their exhibiting companies.
Revenue generation.
Who pays for the service?
The service is paid for by exhibiting companies.
How is the service marketed?
The service is marketed direct to exhibiting companies.
Promotional marketing campaigns in event specific and marketing press.
Organiser endorsed promotion to key exhibitors.
What data does the organiser see?
Organisers are able to view in real time limited contact data for each guest registered on a PECS site for their event.
Where do Priority Event Check-in Service users check in?
Service desks are situated well away from the main registration area and include refreshments, left luggage, cloakroom facilities, travel assistance etc.
Why can’t my appointed registration company provide this service?
Exhibiting companies can use the service at any event, anywhere in the world. To ensure consistency worldwide a single dedicated provider is used.
You are competing with our appointed registration company?
Not at all. We are more akin to a concierge service acting on behalf of your key exhibitors and looking after the needs of their V.I.P.customers.
I don’t like the concept and I will try and prevent it from operating at my event.
As an organiser, you can refuse to accept our passes as valid for your event. However, as an organiser you should consider:
are you currently getting the data on any of your exhibitors V.I.P.s?
key exhibitors may not be happy with such a decision if there is not a viable alternative in place to handle these specific requirements.
Why can’t I brand the service under my event name or the organiser name?
The service can be co-branded, however, the service should be seen as independent of any other brand if it is to be perceived by the exhibiting companies and their guests as a true V.I.P. service.
What about the duplication of visitors attending through the system?
A person could be invited to attend by more than one exhibiting company. In this instance, each confirmation issued by our system will reflect the identity of the individual exhibiting company. Depending on which confirmation they present, we contact the company referenced on that invitation. As a matter of courtesy we contact the other exhibiting company to alert them of the guest's arrival at the event.
What about visitor confusion running two registration systems?
Many organisers already run branded online sites for their key exhibitors in an attempt to get their V.I.P guests to attend the event.
PECS provides the bridge between the needs of exhibiting companies, their V.I.P and business-critical guests and the data requirements of the organiser by providing the on site ground handling service missing from most events.
Do PECS’ badges carry bar codes for lead retrieval readers rented to exhibitors?
Our badges can carry a bar code if required. By default our bar code is Code 123 and is recognised by most scanners.
Can I track the number of people that register through PECS?
Yes. We provide the organiser with a login in capability that allows them to see an abridged data set for each guest, and to track the timeline and countries for the persons registering.
Our event is very large and generates a large number of V.I.P guests. How is the V.I.P experience maintained?
As the service is designed for true V.I.P’s, we suggest that the number of exhibiting companies who can engage our services is limited to a maximum of 10 companies at any single event.
What data do we get on the V.I.P’s that come through this service?
The organiser receives the full contact data on all the attendees processed through our service, along with their demographics in line with the event’s specific dataset.
he organiser may well be asked by the exhibiting company to agree that any data supplied through our system is for the organiser's use only and may not be sold or rented on to third parties.
The organiser does not get this data from any V.I.P’s who have been invited by an exhibiting company but have NOT been processed by PECS on site.
We currently have data on pre-registered visitors who do not attend, so why can’t we have the same data from the PECS system?
This data is the property of the inviting exhibiting company. In the same way that the exhibiting company will not provide the organiser with the entire database of their key V.I.P clients, we can only provide the organiser with the data on the V.I.P’s that do actually attend the event.
Will PECS conduct promotion campaigns on behalf of the exhibiting company?
No. We do not hold any data that would enable us to provide such a service. We are a passive service in this respect and we are not an additional visitor promotion agency working on behalf of the organiser.
What about data security?
The data we collect is NEVER ours to own. We sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement with every exhibiting company using our service.
I want my event to have a competitive advantage over other similar events in my sector. Can we obtain exclusivity for PECS on our event in our sector?
Possibly. If you wanted exclusivity for PECS in your sector and region, we can discuss this with you.
Can my event make a profit from allowing PECS to operate?
Yes. We pay the organiser a commission/fee to allow us to operate at their event.
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