How the system works
The service is marketed direct to exhibiting companies.
Promotional campaigns in event and marketing press.
Organiser endorsed promotion to key exhibitors.
The service is paid for by exhibiting companies.
Participating exhibiting companies send personal invitations to their own database of V.I.P.s and business-critical guests, inviting them to be a guest on their stand at your event.
Visitors are able to confirm that they will attend the event on our online registration site.
Demographic data is collected in line with the event’s individual requirements.
Organisers are able to view in real time a limited amount of contact data for each person that confirms online.
The visitor’s confirmation informs them where they can collect their entry pass on arrival at the event.
On site, we set up the Priority Event Check-in Service desks well away from the main registration area(s).  Our desk includes:
Coffee, tea and soft drinks
Cloakroom facilities
On arrival, the V.I.P presents their confirmation.
The exhibiting company inviting the V.I.P is contacted by phone from our desk to alert them of their guest’s arrival.
Their entry pass is produced.
The guest is chaperoned by our staff direct to the exhibiting company’s stand.
Post event, the organiser is provided with all the contact data pertaining to the V.I.P.s that have passed through our sytem into their event.
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