• Can this service be run at any event anywhere in the world?
    Yes. Our company has the capability to work with any organiser anywhere in the world.

  • The data on my key V.I.P clients is critical to my business. How safe is my data with you?
    Extremely secure. We sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with you in relation to your client data. We never ask you for any data. We use a set of data security protocols that conform to BSI standards.

  • Is the service exclusive to my company at the event?
    We provide this service to a maximum of 10 companies at any one event, but it is exhibiting companies who decide whether or not they want to engage our services. If a single exhibiting company wished us to provide the service exclusively then we might do so by negotiation.

  • Can we check to see which of our guests have confirmed their attendance with you in advance of the event?
    Yes. We provide you with a log in and password enabling you to see in real time, exactly who has confirmed that they will be attending as your guest at the exhibition.

  • Can we personalise the email confirmation that our guests receive from the service?
    Yes. We can tailor your confirmation message as required.

  • How do we know we can trust your staff to provide a first class service for our guests?
    Each of our staff has pervious customer service training, with many of them coming from backgrounds in the airline industry. We only accept applications from proven customer service personnel and all are thoroughly vetted prior to working with us.

  • What happens if one of my guests has also been invited by another company using your service?
    In this case the guest will have 2 separate email confirmations. The confirmation they present on arrival will determine which exhibiting company we contact. However, our system alerts us that the guest has been invited by more than one exhibiting company, and as a matter of courtesy we contact the other company by telephone to inform them that the guest in question has arrived at the event.

  • Can the event organiser prevent PECS from being provided at their event?
    In theory yes. However, there are compelling reasons that mean that this is unlikely i.e. the organiser is keen to maximise the V.I.P attendance at their event and, more importantly, PECS makes their event look much better than other competing events in their sector.

  • How many staff will PECS have on site and dedicated to my guests?
    The number of staff we have on site is proportionate to the number of guests that have confirmed their attendance with you through our service. As with the first class check in for any airline, we aim to ensure that your guests are processed promptly and efficiently.

  • How much does it cost?
    On average $15,000.00 per event. In terms of PR and comparable sponsorship opportunities found at events, good value.
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