Benefits to Clients
  • Independent research carries more weight than internally produced reports
  • Faster than internal resources
  • Increased conversion of pre-registrations into actual attendance
  • Additional revenue streams through sponsorship of registration screens etc
  • Fast visitor processing
  • Professional front of house image
  • World class standards in data collection accuracy
  • Culturally sympathetic data collection
  • Comprehensive factual report within 72 hours of the event closing
  • Indpendent endorsement of the event’s position in the market it serves
Translate Costs into Revenue

WRS-RM Market Insights understand that these services are, or can be, a substantial cost to organisers.

Some elements of the services provided by WRS-RM market Insights can generate immediate revenue for the organiser.

  • Sponsored questions on research questionnaires
  • Sponsorship advertising on the online visitor registration confirmation
  • You-Reg-Me sites –Branded micro sites
  • Sponsorship on Match-to-Me broadcasts
  • Advertisements on outward facing screens on the on site registration desks
  • Market Intelligence reports for sale