Who we are

WRS-Market Insights is a primary data collection business, dedicated to providing clients with the market specific data, presented in easy-to-access format, enabling the clear and precise mapping of an event against the market it serves.

During the summer of 2007 WRS-RM Market Insights acquired the business interests of Media Matters.

Building on Media Matters’ recognised strengths in the provision of multi-lingual, culturally sympathetic research and registration services, WRS-RM Market Insights broadens the portfolio of services in line with the needs of today’s professional event organiser.

WRS-RM Market Insights employ research techniques and registration tools in the collection of data. The organisation is more than ‘just’ a research or registration company.

WRS-RM market Insights is a “Data Partner” for today’s professional event organiser, enabling organisers to focus internal resources on maximisation of revenues and profits.